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CHAI Committee

Committee for Helping and Assisting Immigrants

Co-Chairs  Liz Fishman, Kara Bleecher

This committee works together with Central VA Sanctuary Network, which is organized by the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy. 

Just like our refugee efforts, this is not about politics, but rather about fulfilling our Jewish responsibility to provide humanitarian support to a vulnerable community. Please email Rabbi Knopf if you have any questions.


We help set up and administer a community fund used for bail for immigrants detained in raids; family expenses when breadwinners are detained; legal fees for detained immigrants, asylum-seekers, and for those living in Sanctuary; Bail/Legal fees for Sanctuary Network members arrested for civil disobedience.


We help provide basic needs for people living in Sanctuary and for resettling Asylum-seekers, including things like providing groceries, meals, laundry, etc. and even offering entertainment opportunities/companionship.


We help provide transportation for immigrants who are called to ICE check-ins, help set up ride shares for unlicensed workers, offer transportation to community events, and possibly help move people to safe areas when necessary.

Legal Assistance

We help provide legal counsel to those in need, become trained in Know Your Rights and Power of Attorney, and host Know Your Rights and Power of Attorney workshops for affected communities.


Get involved in the CHAI Committee!  Please provide your information so we can contact you.

Sat, January 18 2020 21 Tevet 5780