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One of the most widely observed Jewish rituals is the lighting of a candle and saying the Mourner’s Kaddish on the yahrzeit of a loved one.  Though the literal translation of the Yiddish word is “time of year,” it is understood to be the anniversary on the Hebrew calendar of an individual’s death.

Here at TBE, congregants who have the names and dates of their loved one’s passing listed in their Temple account (scroll down for instructions) will receive a letter well in advance of the yahrzeit.   It is quite common for people to make a donation to the synagogue in honor of the yahrzeit of the deceased.  Giving to the Jewish community in memory of a loved one is a beautiful way to pay tribute to their legacy of passing their values l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.

Yahrzeits that fall on Shabbat are read during services.  If you would like your loved one's name read and it does not fall on a Saturday (Shabbat), please call Norma at 804-355-3564 ext. 100.

9 Cheshvan / Oct 15
Esther May Weinberg
Ethel Wolfson
Harris Morton Griff
Anita Freeman Markel
Abraham Silver
Sandra L. Grandis Frank
Caryl Putchat
Paul Peck
Celia Soffin
Honey Shapiro
Ronald E. Goldenberg
Libbie Peck

10 Cheshvan / Oct 16
Maurice Tillis
Charles Scher
John Adams
Ruby Price
Bertha Suss
Bernard Levitt
Lily Barer Frankel

11 Cheshvan / Oct 17
Nat Wiener
Adele Eisenberg
Ernestine Kahn
Meyer H. Friedman
Gladys Nusenko
Albert David Rader
Larry Alan Maier

12 Cheshvan / Oct 18
William Richmon
Isaak Gorbaty
Sylvia Gordon
Solomon Zeidman
Abraham Bensky
Betty J. Gordon
Bijan Kashinejad
Mark Novick

13 Cheshvan / Oct 19
Manuel Imburg
Martin Wm. Harowitz
Jerry Lee Kirsch
Cantor Edward Cohen
Rose Kazman
Joseph Davidson
Mildred Zalesky
Manuel Imburg
Alvin Abrams

14 Cheshvan / Oct 20
Bessie Rudlin
Henry J. Schrieberg
Samuel Berkman
Esther Abramson Weiman
John Richard Edwards
Maurice A. Bernstein
Hilda Petersiel

15 Cheshvan / Oct 21
Samuel Maurice Morewitz
Carol Shapiro
Philip Tatarsky
Celia Goodman Watts

16 Cheshvan / Oct 22
Aaron Adin
Florence J. Harris
Edna Ipson
Rivka Rachel Zasler

Recently Deceased
Dr. Arnold M. Hoffman
Marilyn Patricia Janner
Janet Sylvia Linden
Frank Grossman

How do I add my yahrzeits to the Temple list?

The most efficient way is for you to add them to your own account :

  • Log in: go to top right corner of this screen. 
  • Once in your account,  select "My Yahrzeits".  There you can create a new one.
  • Can't figure it out?  Call the office (804-355-3564) and we'll get your yahrzeits set up!
Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782