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The goal of The Havurah Project is to bring our Beth-El community closer by welcoming Shabbat together in small groups. Every month, one or two members of each Havurah (individuals, couples, or families) host the other members of their group for a Shabbat meal. In addition, each havurah will have the opportunity to join another havurah for a Shabbat gathering with Rabbi Knopf and his family during the year.

Open to folks of every age, all that’s required is a desire to form meaningful relationships and a commitment to participate monthly. The registration fee is $18 per person (8 years old and up).   If you have any financial concerns or questions related to the Havurah Project, please reach out to Debbie, Marsha, or Rachel.

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Register any time throughout the year!

Dates include the Friday night dinner havurot and the Saturday morning havurot called Havurah Alef (for friends that prefer day-time walking/driving) and ShaTots (for families with babies/toddlers).

Oct. 27 (Opening Event)
Nov. 10 (Nov 11- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)
Dec. 22 (Dec. 23- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)

Jan. 19 (Jan. 20- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)
Feb. 9 (Feb. 10- ShatTots/Havurah Alef)
March 15 (Mar 16- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)
April 12 (Apr 13- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)

May 10 (May 11- ShaTots/Havurah Alef)
June 7 (Closing Event)

Debbie Falik 804-677-9642     
Marsha Feldstein 804-399-6128
Rachel Safren 804-564-7005

Learn more at our Havurah FAQ

Want to start a new havurah based on a Shabbat interest?

Email,, or 
and we will support you in making it happen!

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784