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Mission Statement








We are Passionate
Our community is animated by an unflinching love of Judaism, the Jewish people, and all of humanity; and we are driven by the desire to change lives through Jewish wisdom and practice, build meaningful community, fight for human dignity, champion equality, and pursue justice.

We are Dynamic
Our community embraces a compelling and current Judaism that fuses devotion to our heritage with insights from today and imagination toward our future.

We are Mensches*
 Our community is welcoming and supportive, treating every individual (regardless of their age, stage, religious/ethnic background, gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation) with kindness, compassion, and dignity; and we take seriously our humanitarian obligations as Jews.

We are Heymish*
Our community cultivates Jewish life and community in a spirit of joy, warmth, and love, because we believe that Jewish wisdom, practice and community should be easily accessible for all. As a result, we strive to break down barriers, meet people where they are, and offer as many points of entry as possible.

*Mensch, yiddish for person, evokes decency, integrity, and responsibility.
*Heymish, yiddish for like home, evokes friendliness, informality, and a lack of pretense.


Sun, May 28 2023 8 Sivan 5783