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		                                    Services have moved to 213 Roseneath Road while the Sanctuary is Renovated.		                                </span>

All Saturday Shabbat Services & Select Fridays offered in person & on Zoom/YouTube.

CURRENT COVID -19 POLICY Shabbat services are hybrid and have moved to 213 Roseneath Road;  with the exception of Saturday,  January 28, 2023, which will be at the Religious School: 601 N. Parham Rd.  

Masks are optional for all services until further notice. We continue to require vaccines for all who are eligible. Thank you for your adherence! 


Friday Kabbalat Shabbat Services

5:30 pm  Zoom Pre-neg: come early and schmooze!
6 pm  Service begins

Saturday Morning Shabbat Service

Hybrid (in person at 213 Roseneath Rd. & virtual except Jan 28, 2023 which will be at the Religious School: 601 N. Parham Rd)

9:30 am  Zoom Pre-neg: come early and schmooze!
10 am  Service begins

Sunday Morning Minyan

Every Sunday at 9am at the Religious School and on Zoom

Weekday Evening Minyan

Monday through Thursday at 5:45pm (virtual only)

Tot Shabbat

First Saturday of each month (generally). For families with children 0-5 years of age.  Click here for schedule


Zoom Information
All Services and Minyanim 
are at the same Zoom link:  Click Here  Meeting ID: 644 714 6026  Or call in by phone:  (646) 558-8656

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Normally we wouldn’t encourage the use of digital technology on shabbat and festivals. But Jewish law has two important concepts relevant to our current circumstances: Pikuah nefesh doheh et ha-Shabbat, saving life takes precedence over Shabbat and holidays, and sha’at ha-dahak, a time of crisis, allowing normal rules to be suspended or altered as circumstances require. As such, we may temporarily do some things that would normally be forbidden so we can celebrate shabbat and holidays with friends and family. 

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Shabbat and Festivals
Weekday Evenings

Shabbat in the Park
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Passover Services
Yom Tov Morning
Counting the Omer
Aliyah: Torah Blessing

Tisha B'av
Online Siddur Tishah B'Av
Downloadable PDF of Megillat Eikhah

Added Prayers
Prayer for Country and Israel

Blessing for Wearing a Face Mask
Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha-olam, asher keed’shanu b’meetzvotav, v’tzeevanu al sh’meerat ha-nefesh.

You are bountiful, Infinite our God, majesty of space and time, who has sanctified us with divine commandments and has commanded us about protecting life.

Prayers for the COVID vaccine from the Rabbinical Assembly: click here

Sat, February 4 2023 13 Shevat 5783