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January 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re recapping some of the work done toward realizing our purpose in nurturing a community rooted in Jewish values where we inspire each other to make a difference.
•  Launch of Nesiyah, our new educational program
•  Board approved changes to the professional supervision of staff
•  Creating, prioritizing, and beginning the implementation of new procedures and programs for new member recruitment and engagement
•  Exploration of new brand and marketing strategies to support our vision
•  Recommended changes in concert with the constitutional re-writing effort toward optimizing board structure for greater efficacy
•  Initial steps in our “One Community, One Campus” movement --  determining WHAT we need and want in facilities to support our stated values and purposes

Our membership and board structure initiatives coincide with the synagogues current constitutional rewriting process and we’re awaiting a professional brand and marketing proposal.  

Work in determining our facility needs is underway:  Approximately 50 congregants have participated in five focus groups.  Staff and a few teens who expressed interest in sharing their thoughts will be interviewed in January.  A survey to get additional perspectives can be anticipated later this winter.  Members of the Visioning Steering Committee are also consulting with congregants who previously focused on our facilities issues to gain insights and having exploratory conversations with architectural professionals who specialize in this arena.
 We look forward to the implementation steps associated with the early taskforce work and appreciate the contributions of taskforce members, focus group facilitators and participants, and all of the lay leaders and staff who work day-to-day as we continue to shape our synagogue's future.

Wishing all good things in 2017!

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784