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10/05/2016 01:14:25 PM


April 2017

04/04/2017 10:40:40 AM


Our update begins with a note of sincere appreciation to all who have contributed their thoughts, ideas, and dreams toward shaping our synagogue's culture and environment through: 

One Community, One Campus focus groups now completed, with report nearly summarized Numerous meetings with people who have previously looked at the issue of a single campus Synagogue-wide survey in March which will now be analyzed
What...

February 2017

01/31/2017 09:27:37 AM


The VSC is happy to report that we're moving along. Our focus group work is coming to a close as we summarize the themes from the eight focus groups (5 congregant groups, staff, school personnel, and a few teen voices). The information will help inform a congregation-wide survey that will be distributed in the next few weeks.  We encourage everyone to complete the survey which will influence how we realize a single spiritual site...Read more...

January 2017

12/29/2016 04:02:01 PM


As 2016 comes to a close, we’re recapping some of the work done toward realizing our purpose in nurturing a community rooted in Jewish values where we inspire each other to make a difference.
•  Launch of Nesiyah, our new educational program
•  Board approved changes to the professional supervision of staff
•  Creating, prioritizing, and beginning the implementation of new procedures and programs for new...Read more...

December 2016

11/21/2016 09:53:19 AM


Just a quick update for this month…

We have launched of the One Community, One Campus focus groups. Eighty-nine individuals expressed an interest.  Married couples were asked to choose one spouse to participate.  With that caveat, we were able to issue invitations to all who expressed interest to participate.   The first session took place November 14th and three other focus groups are scheduled...Read more...

October 2016

10/28/2016 02:01:22 PM


In September we reported that the Visioning Steering Committee proposed some changes to the structure of the board in large part to shift volunteer energy into committees, programs, etc. Feedback from the Executive Committee was incorporated and the Board of Governors voiced its support in principle of these measure. A constitutional review will soon be underway to realize these changes which will then require a congregational vote at the annual...Read more...

July 2016

06/30/2016 02:17:36 PM


As promised, this communique is designed to keep congregants better informed regarding the visioning process and to provide a means for you to share your views.  To continue charting our course, we determined the need for a few more hands on deck.  We’re so pleased to welcome Chris Greenberg, Moshe Feldman, Brie Stammer, and Jake Pasternak to the Visioning Steering Committee (VSC).  Each brings additional perspective and...Read more...

June 2016

05/10/2016 09:29:57 AM


Welcome to the first post from the Visioning Steering Committee (VSC). We hope you found our "to date" summary on page 6 in the Annual Report informative and that these monthly communiques will keep everyone better apprised of our progress.

The VSC has been hard at work for a year and a half now. We've been listening, identifying issues that need to be addressed, and designing changes to TBE's...Read more...

Wednesday, May 24 2017 28 Iyyar 5777