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June 2016

Welcome to the first post from the Visioning Steering Committee (VSC). We hope you found our "to date" summary on page 6 in the Annual Report informative and that these monthly communiques will keep everyone better apprised of our progress.

The VSC has been hard at work for a year and a half now. We've been listening, identifying issues that need to be addressed, and designing changes to TBE's structure that will help us better pursue our purpose as a community. 

After hearing from congregants and studying alternatives, we will soon recommend a modified board governance structure to the Executive Committee that will more closely align with and support our purpose and values. The most noticeable change will be a reduction in the size of the board. Our recommendations are based on the recognition that the board should focus on decision making and policy development as they relate the perpetuation of the organization.  A reduction in board members acknowledges that the power of the organization lies with well-functioning committees and that the Board should primarily be an approving body.  Reducing the number of board members will enable our pool of volunteer congregants to more joyfully and energetically fulfill the needs of our organization.  It will also signal a greater reliance and trust in our professional staff to manage operations and implement programs.

We've also heard from many of you that the way we communicate as a Temple - how we keep each other informed and connected to what's going on, and how we tell our story in the wider community - needed some work. That's why we convened a Brand and Marketing Task Force, which has developed its recommendations. Based on their findings, we are seeking financial support to create and launch a fresh TBE brand that will help us communicate our vision and values.

In addition to several other efforts, we’re looking forward to introducing Nesiyah (“Journey”) -- our newly anticipated youth education program.  Realizing that this should be coordinated with hiring a Director of Youth Learning, stay tuned! 

We look forward to sharing more about our continuing efforts in June.  Please feel free to share comments.

- Judy Gary, Roy Zeidman, Marsha Feldstein, Hilton Rubin, Ari Hirsch, Debbie Minden, Rabbi Michael Knopf, and Ben Lewis

Visioning Steering Committee

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784