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July 2016

As promised, this communique is designed to keep congregants better informed regarding the visioning process and to provide a means for you to share your views.  To continue charting our course, we determined the need for a few more hands on deck.  We’re so pleased to welcome Chris Greenberg, Moshe Feldman, Brie Stammer, and Jake Pasternak to the Visioning Steering Committee (VSC).  Each brings additional perspective and energy.  
    This month the Dues and Membership Taskforce presented their findings to the VSC.  Our sincere thanks to Michael and Beth Edelstein, Reid Cardon, Adreinne Feldman, Benita Felmus, Karin Fine, Don Light, GD Rothenberg and Nathan Zasler for their efforts.  Their work focused on a study of our current membership and dues structure and exploration of alternatives.  Some of the key recommendations include changing our congregational culture through language and deed –making it clear that we value each person’s participation in TBE and believe the ability to pay should never be an impediment to being part of our community.  Our discussions with the taskforce challenged the terms “membership” and “dues” and what it unintentionally communicates,  yielding several ideas for immediate changes.  At this juncture, the taskforce did not recommend a voluntary dues structure similar to other synagogues.
    In June we mentioned upcoming recommendations regarding board governance.  The two VSC members responsible for moving that item forward were necessarily delayed with family and work priorities, but you will soon here more on this issue.
    The Brand and Marketing taskforce, led by Jessica Lynn, has introduced the VSC to a local marketing consultant we hope to engage, and the Recruitment and Engagement taskforce, led by Larry Goldman, has just submitted its report.  An update regarding both is forthcoming.
    Along with all of you, we welcome Ms. Ramona Brand, our new Director of Youth Learning.  Ramona is becoming acquainted with the concepts for our new educational program, Nesiyah (“Journey”).  We’re looking forward to introducing both our new program and director during the later part of the summer.

Our thanks to those who sent messages via  Keep sending us your feedback!

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784