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October 2016

In September we reported that the Visioning Steering Committee proposed some changes to the structure of the board in large part to shift volunteer energy into committees, programs, etc. Feedback from the Executive Committee was incorporated and the Board of Governors voiced its support in principle of these measure. A constitutional review will soon be underway to realize these changes which will then require a congregational vote at the annual meeting. Our hope is the modifications in governance and recent changes in professional staff will enable members to find more joy in volunteering to benefit our TBE community.
Also significant is the launch of the One Community, O ne Campus initiative. (Yes, yes, we’ve discussed our buildings and our locations previously.) At this juncture, our focus is not on where we want to be, but rather WHAT we want...W HAT we need...W HAT will further our vision and values...wherever we are. To gather this information we’ll begin with focus groups by a survey to provide us with a better understanding of our spiritual community needs.
We will also need to re-assess our current facilities to determine if and how they might be able to meet the determined needs. It’s both a necessary and arduous task and much help will be needed to accomplish it.
Ultimately, we aim to create a spiritual community space that will enable us to realize our vision and we’re excited to take these initial steps!
Your feedback is always welcome via or in the comments section below.
-Judy Gary, Roy Zeidman, Marsha Feldstein, Hilton Rubin, Ari Hirsch, Debbie Minden, Rabbi Michael Knopf, Ben Lewis, Brie Stammer, Chris Greenberg, Jake Pasternak, and Moshe Feldman, and Faith Kallman 






Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784