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Thoughts on the Pandemic

07/21/2020 02:14:56 PM


by Cantor Dara Rosenblatt

This article was highlighted in the July/August 2020 bulletin.

מִֽן־הַ֭מֵּצַ֥ר קָרָ֣אתִי יָּ֑הּ עָנָ֖נִי בַמֶּרְחָ֣ב יָֽהּ׃   

From a narrow place, I called out to the Infinite,
who answered me through the Divine Expanse. 

יְהוָ֣ה לִ֭י לֹ֣א אִירָ֑א מַה־יַּעֲשֶׂ֖ה לִ֣י אָדָֽם׃ 

The...

A Note from the Cantor

01/22/2020 09:00:28 AM


Dear Friends,

On Saturday evening February 1st at 7:30PM, Cantor Sarah Beck-Berman (from Beth Ahabah) and I will be joining together for a concert aRead more...

A Note from Cantor Rosenblatt and Rabbi Knopf

12/04/2019 11:25:54 AM


Dear friends,

This Friday evening we will have our first Shabbat Lab with the Underground Band (Dec. 6 at 6pm in the Grove Avenue Social Hall). We arRead more...

A Note from the Cantor

09/23/2019 09:30:23 AM


Dear friends,

We are one week away from Rosh Hashanah, and we are in the midst of our final preparations in both mind, body, and spirit. This week's Read more...

A Note from the Cantor

09/16/2019 09:30:23 AM


Dear friends,

As we get closer to Rosh Hashanah, I will continue to share melodies that you'll hear during our worship experiences. This week's melodRead more...

A Note from the Cantor

09/10/2019 12:32:28 PM


Dear friends,

Thank you for your thoughtful responses to last week's email and recording of Psalm 27:4. It is from your enthusiasm that I am inspiredRead more...

A Note from the Cantor

09/02/2019 10:01:26 AM


Dear friends,

We are in the month leading up to the High Holy Days, and in preparation we recite Psalm 27 daily. This Psalm for the Season of RepentaRead more...

D’var Torah from January 19, 2019Parashat B’shallach

01/23/2019 12:08:39 PM


D’var Torah from January 19, 2019

Parashat B’shallach


This Shabbat brings together multiple occasions. Parashat B’shallach, marking Shabbat Shira, our Shabbat of Song, in which we chant Shirat HaYam, the Song of the Sea, Martin Luther King Day, AND Tu Bishvat. As I was thinking about what I would say this morning, I realized that it might be nearly impossible to connect all...Read more...

Religious School  Parents 

10/11/2018 10:45:19 AM


Cantor Dara Rosenblatt



CORRECTION - A Note from Cantor Dara Rosenblatt

07/02/2018 01:44:23 PM


The Correct Email address for Cantor Rosenblatt is

A note from the Cantor

Dear Temple Beth-El Family,


A Note from Cantor Dara Rosenblatt / Service Details

07/02/2018 10:01:23 AM


Join us this weekend as we welcome our new Cantor!

Friday, July 6: Pre-neg, 5:15pm, Social Hall
followed by Shabbat Services
Saturday, July 7: 10am
Mon, November 23 2020 7 Kislev 5781